Living Reel (poem)

I blink an eye.
The black and white is now coloured.
Communication appears smaller,
But casts its net much wider.
Family is extended,
And close means something else.

I look around.
Faces are familiar but grown.
The stories accelerated,
Through arcs of achievement and angst.
Suddenly is all of a sudden,
And I wonder how we got here.

Back and forth.
The living room alternates its sepia tones.
This was once, now and to come in one.
I can imagine, but not comprehend;
Wonder, reminisce, be grateful,
Acknowledge the grace in time.

Man passes like a breath,
Yet God keeps careful watch.
Missed moments are stories for later retellings
Of falling, catching, loving, becoming.
I’m reassured that what I miss
He has waiting in eternity.

Too soon,
The clock is done, the pages filled,
Book cover falls flat in a heavy clap.
What will last and what will pass?
What will matter of the black and white?
Who will wipe away the dust?


The Lawyer – Morning Meets Work

THE LAWYER – Morning Meets Work   (Digital, 2016)

2016 The Lawyer - Morning Meets Work

The lawyer wakes each morning,
To illuminated light.
Over city, house and heart it warms,
Anticipates day’s sight.

She has a little breakfast,
Picks up her purse and keys,
Then lifting up her face to Christ,
She falls upon her knees.

The lawyer knows the Lord is light,
She knows that He transforms,
Determined, she will shine her light,
In the surges and in the storms.

The lawyer knows the God who saves,
And in Him, has no fear.
Because the lawyer knows His face,
And even now draws near.

The workplace and the city,
Await the daylight force.
But some will stand apart that day,
Powered by a different source.

The lawyer, she is one of them,
For justice she will fight.
For the lawyer wakes each morning’s work,
In Christ, the Saviour’s light.

ANZAC (a poem)

The beach of Gallipoli lay starkly at ease,
As if unaware of this First World War.
Here eight thousand men, would soon find peace,
In death, while their countries mourned.

In 1914, only thirteen years young,
The nation, Australia, took arms.
With New Zealand men, the ANZACs were formed.
The Australian New Zealand Army Corps.

Then 25th April in 1915,
After two days delay for the weather,
The ANZAC troops landed, keen for the fight,
But the Turkish were ready to parry.

The Ottomans fervently fought for their land,
For Constantinople was theirs.
While waves of young ANZACs fell band after band,
In blood-soaked grounds and deep trenches.

Eight months of the fighting were finally done,
In December that same year.
The Allies retreated from Gallipoli’s shores,
Where the water could well have been tears.

And ever since then, we stand to recall,
The men and the women at war.
The ones who were lost, and the ones who lost,
Yet bravely and proudly stood tall.

Lest we forget.

2015 Anazac Hat and Poppy