Mum&Dad | 30 Years | Pearl Wedding Anniversary

| Mum & Dad | Pearl Wedding Anniversary | Photoshoot |

Once upon a time, mum and dad fell in love, and here we all are – 30 years later!




What Mum Wore: Blue Striped Skirt – Dress

| What Mum Wore | Blue Striped Dress | Desk to Dinner |

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a full length old photo of mum in this skirt. However, we did find a lovely family photo, and now that skirt has been refashioned into an off-the-shoulder dress all ready for the (hopefully) warmer weather!

Mum SkirtBlue Stripes Desk to Dinner - Mum's skirt

Three Years – Leather

Each year for our wedding anniversary, we try to incorporate the traditional anniversary gifts into a creative photoshoot. In our first year of marriage, we had a paper dress and vest. In our second year, we ventured to the magic cave for some cotton candy and matched it with a cotton ball bowtie and dress.

This year, for our third year anniversary, we sourced some scrap leather from Sydney’s Paddy Markets and created a leather bowtie and hairbow.

Travelling to the Adelaide Hills for a couple of nights, we stayed at the picturesque Apple Tree Cottage.



Though we only stayed in the backyard for this particular shoot, you can catch a glimpse of cottage’s vast grounds. Beyond the rustic wooden fence lies a herd of wandering cows, a rowboat patiently parked by the edge of a peaceful lake, and a number of paths through hills, fruit groves, and other beautiful sights.



We choose to wear a few special items. For Jerry, his wedding suspenders and for Kristen, her mother’s old dress.


It was awesome to breathe in the atmosphere of nature here and to feel the land beneath our bare feet. We saw the marks of the Creator’s majesty and of His eternity – His creation is more incredible than anything we could make.


So, here’s to three years with each other and to Jesus – our foundation, our root, our Christ and Creator.

A reflection on freedom in marriage, and freedom in Christ:

What Mum Wore: Gold Buttoned Dress

Fashion |Vintage| What Mum Wore

In the wake of Mother’s Day, I find myself thinking about all the things mum has handed down to me – faith, love, discipline, and … a number of now “vintage” clothes.


This beautiful collection of mum’s dresses, tops and culottes have been well kept, and I would like to show you some of mum’s style: vintage with a modern twist. 

I wore this gold buttoned dress on Mother’s Day. It was a little frosty, but the weather meant I could pair it with with some ankle-heighted brown boots ( those were a gift from hubby last year after I decoloured my favourite ankle boots by spraying them with shoe protector…). A panama ribboned hat topped off the look as I knocked on the door of my parents’ home. The look on mum’s face as she saw me in her old dress – gold.