Acrylic Affirmations

Cards to encourage, inspire, and comfort. Original designs by Lily of the Valleys – Acrylic on Canvas.

Individual card and envelope for $2.50
Choose 5 for $10


2015 Under the Apple Tree

(LOTV201) Under the Apple Tree

2015 Mountains of Faith

(LOTV202) Mountains of Faith

2016 The Harvest

(LOTV203) The Harvest

2016 Cup of Overflow

(LOTV204) Cup of Overflow

2016 Saved through Fire

(LOTV205) Saved Through Fire

2015 Out of the Ashes

(LOTV206) Out of the Ashes

2016 En Gedi

(LOTV207) En Gedi

2015 Messengers of Grace

(LOTV208) Messengers of Grace