Buttons, Beads & White (another 3 dresses)

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More curtained dresses; this time with some spare buttons, beads and even part of a shoe decoration. Thanks Brenda and YY for letting me photograph you, and DeLong for walking us back to the car afterwards! 🙂


Lace Curtain & Button Dress

Here is the last of this lace curtain for now. There are a few scraps left, but it has already played a part in quite a number of dresses and tops! The lining for this dress was left over calico, and the overlying lace gave it quite a different feel. Not sure where the button originally came from, but it happened to be there in my sewing box and made a nice embellishment!


One Shoulder Shoe Button Dress

I made this dress for the first Adelaidian Diner en Blanc. The silver button actually came from one of my once-favourite shoes. Since then, I seem to have developed a collection of white dresses so… if anyone has a white party to attend, feel free to borrow 😛


Angel Shift Dress (with more curtain!)

This dress went through a number of iterations; the perfect example of my spontaneous sews. The bow came about when I realised the back was a bit too low, and I looked at some material I had absent-mindedly knotted together. It is made from the last of the op-shop lace curtain, and from the material we used to cover our Diner en Blanc table that first year (I think).

Well that concludes this collection of white dresses 🙂

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Psalm 141:1 (Call to the Lord)

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2018 Psalm 141-1.jpg

My Lord is never far away;
He answers when I call.
He draws me into His embrace,
And helps me understand His grace.

My Lord, my God is quick to come;
He hears my voice, makes me rejoice,
And as I worship, heaven’s doors
Are opened: gates of flooded more.

More love and kindness, peace and truth
Abound within my thirsty heart.
They satisfy, and testify
As only God can do.

So as I call, so God responds,
A voice much clearer than my own.
He speaks to you, and speaks to me,
To transform hearts of stone.


Never Enough (Lostnowfoundk): https://lostnowfoundk.com/2018/02/04/never-enough/