Baby Crafts | Floral Headbands & Ladybug Tikki Costume

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Baby Floral Headbands


Baby’s head is growing and her headbands are getting tight! So mummy has made a few new ones for her (featuring mummy’s wedding flower and a cloth flower mummy got from her last trip to Japan a few years ago)

Flower headbands BW

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Tikki Costume (Ladybug & Chat Noir)


Birthday parties have been cancelled, but we decided to keep our superhero date! Here is bubba, transformed into Tikki from the animated series Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Tikki is a kwami that gives ladybug her powers and well, bubba does give us some superpowers ❤


With lockdowns and social distancing, life’s normal is very different for people at the moment. During this time, remember that we all still have the ability to believe, have faith and hold on to hope. Let’s keep the world in prayer during these unprecedented times.


Living Reel (poem)

I blink an eye.
The black and white is now coloured.
Communication appears smaller,
But casts its net much wider.
Family is extended,
And close means something else.

I look around.
Faces are familiar but grown.
The stories accelerated,
Through arcs of achievement and angst.
Suddenly is all of a sudden,
And I wonder how we got here.

Back and forth.
The living room alternates its sepia tones.
This was once, now and to come in one.
I can imagine, but not comprehend;
Wonder, reminisce, be grateful,
Acknowledge the grace in time.

Man passes like a breath,
Yet God keeps careful watch.
Missed moments are stories for later retellings
Of falling, catching, loving, becoming.
I’m reassured that what I miss
He has waiting in eternity.

Too soon,
The clock is done, the pages filled,
Book cover falls flat in a heavy clap.
What will last and what will pass?
What will matter of the black and white?
Who will wipe away the dust?