Capturing Our Lioness (8 days old)

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She’s growing so fast, we thought we’d better get those newborn shots in! Mummy and daddy moved the couch, gathered all the presents people had given us and set up a home studio.


Featuring mummy’s wedding hair flower, the baby headband mummy made, baby’s nappy cake ribbon, and a bunch of wraps, blankets and other gifts from friends and family 🙂

Colour College 2

We may not have done professional baby wraps, or used any fancy equipment, but mummy and daddy were very happy with how baby’s photos turned out!


We were also able to capture some finer details with a macro lens in black and white. Those little fingers and toes are just so cute!

B&W College.JPG

Mummy and Daddy love our little lioness!


Bump to Baby!

She’s here! And I have finally completed this timeline. May have put it together in the middle of baby’s first night at home – she sleeps the whole night long, feeds so well and has the cutest facial expressions! Our beloved daughter – so beautifully and wonderfully made! We love her so much!

Bump to Baby Ariella.JPG

JK Autumn Maternity Photoshoot

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A little date with hubby and our 33+4 week growing bubba. Thankful to Jesus for an unusually warm Autumn day, and the beautiful colours.

Together, we team-worked some lovely maternity/bump photos! (Hubby has become quite a pro at lighting and camera techniques!)

IMG_4343 (2).JPG

LOCATION: Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens

Kristen 1.jpg

On the morning of the shoot, I was having some third trimester weariness and enlisted some excellent, well-priced last minute help:

MAKE-UP: Laila from The Edit, Hyde Park
HAIR: Claire from Style 99

Blog 3Blog 2

The Autumn colours were beautiful with reds, yellows, oranges and greens. We also loved collecting little acorns, nuts and mossy branches from the ground. We tried out a few different poses as we wandered around the gardens!

IMG_4605 (2).JPG

IMG_4510 (2).JPG

IMG_4557 (2).JPG

We found an adventurous looking stick …

JK 4.jpg

And there were a few silly shots too 😛

Blog 4.jpg

Overall, our little photoshoot cost less than $130 (dress, make-up and hair combined). Well worth it for the fun and memories! 

IMG_4478 (2)

5 Years – Wood

Well, this is the last of our tree climbing for a while because somebody is growing 😛
They should be making a debut at next year’s anniversary photoshoot!

5. Wood

The dress was made earlier in the day using material from the Spotlight remnants bin,
and we found some interesting trees at one of city parks. Hubby has been doing an amazing job during this time – he is a great blessing and support! (And has also become quite the photographer!)

We are looking forward to growing our family tree!

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On the Streets of Sydney

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Just got back from a pretty awesome Sydney trip. Lots of exploring, lots of art, lots of learning (it is harder to do those things all in one go in the midst of hometown busyness :P). This trip, I tried my hand at watercolouring, raffia weaving, seeing the process of hat-making (with the team at Helen Kaminski), having a go at some hip-hop dance moves, and even doing the first few sessions of a Blender 3D animation course. Loved it, and loved hearing about the life and experiences of those I met along the way! Enjoy scrolling through photos (Walking the Streets, Chinese Friendship Garden, Hip Hip, Feed-Me sections) Thanks for the fun adventure!

.   .   .

Walking the Streets

Sydney has some amazing architecture. Here are a few shots from all around the city – Broadway – Darling Harbour – Camperdown (the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House are also great places to visit, but didn’t get to them this trip). Did I mention it was the 120th birthday of the Queen Victoria Building this year? That was a jazzy, artsy blast!

Photo 21-07-2018 10 19 36 AM

Photo 21-07-2018 10 02 13 AM

Photo 21-07-2018 4 21 24 PM

Photo 21-07-2018 4 16 40 PM

Photo 21-07-2018 4 05 13 PM

Photo 21-07-2018 3 56 56 PM

Photo 21-07-2018 1 57 35 PM

Photo 21-07-2018 1 56 17 PM

Photo 19-07-2018 3 52 28 PM

Photo 19-07-2018 3 56 11 PM.jpg

.   .   .

Chinese Garden of Friendship

For a small fee of $6, you can wander around this life-filled garden. See the white ibis nests, koi, waterfalls, our friendly water dragon and more. Traditional Chinese dress-ups are available for an extra cost and while I did not do this, I did notice lots of families wandering around in colourful garb. I could easily stay here for an afternoon!



IMG_2775 (2)


Photo 21-07-2018 1 47 45 PM

Photo 21-07-2018 1 17 43 PM.jpg

Photo 21-07-2018 1 30 52 PM

.   .   .


Bought these shoes (rather spontaneously) from Raben footwear, just across the road from Crossover Dance Studio on Goulburn St. I attended the 1hr Beginners Hip-Hop class for $21 and it was excellent – felt well supported and learnt alot (wish I could have gone to more classes – there was a wide selection including jazz, urban, girl style, popping and K-pop)!

Photo 21-07-2018 11 31 48 AM

.   .   .


Can’t complain about the variety of food available – it was deliciously intriguing.

Top: Veal and Chicken Polish Dumplings (Pierogi)
from Weiczorkowski – Queen St Woollahri 

Bottom Left: A pear? But not …
from Koi Dessert Bar, Chippendale

Bottom Centre: A Lemon Myrtle creation
from Textbook Boulangerie Patisserie – Botany Rd, Alexandria

Bottom Right: Pork Teishoku Set
from Miso Japanese Restaurant, World Square


God with us (a testimony from Sydney):

“Prince Charming Must Die” – Tegan’s Disney Murder Mystery

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“Welcome one and all, to Cinderella’s castle, for the biggest party of the year Twenty PHE (post Happily Ever-after- Cinderella standard calculation). Since occurrences which you may have seen in the official royal backstory films, created by the famous director Disney to educate young kingdom children on their heritage, everyone got married and started ruling their respective kingdoms. Peace has flourished, and even the villains have found a way to fit in.

The discovery of the portals and sea routes between different Disneyverse kingdoms has opened up trade and communication between the kingdoms, and Cinderella has regularly been hosting a traditional blue moon gala- as a way to strengthen bonds between the kingdoms. A blue moon is considered a special magical time, and a time of reflection. Guests are invited to put a wish, goal or resolution into the wishing well, and it is thought that the concentration of magical beings on this special night gives a little extra support as the participants then go back into their lives trying to fulfil what they wrote down.”


Disney Decor


Created by Tegan, this was easily the most enjoyable and interactive murder mystery I have attended. Apart from the usual scripted clues, the dinner featured some “Make-a-wish” cards, and an extra skit. No need for CDs or tape players – all you needed was in the booklet. Following the final clues, our group of Disney-themed adventurers contemplated answers for two final questions to the mystery. A fantastic story, and well-played by all!



Finally, let’s meet our dinner guests (minus Aurora since she was sleeping for the shoot)!


Snow White and BashfulThe HatterRapunzelPocahontasJasmine and AladdinHookCinderella

Thank you Tegan, for your creativity and stories! If anyone would like to play and unravel the mystery themselves, let us know. No spoilers here, but you are welcome to host your own version of Tegan’s Disney Murder Mystery!