Mum&Dad | 30 Years | Pearl Wedding Anniversary

| Mum & Dad | Pearl Wedding Anniversary | Photoshoot |

Once upon a time, mum and dad fell in love, and here we all are – 30 years later!





Four Years – Flowers

Photos from our 4th year anniversary photoshoot – flowers galore! Thank you Mum, Dad and Sis for the extra styling advice (Mum’s blouse and Dad’s shoes)!

Location | Wittunga Botanic Gardens
Floral Number | Olympic Party Hire
Floral Bouquet | Mum’s Garden! (Thank You Mum :D)
Lostnowfoundk |Β







“Prince Charming Must Die” – Tegan’s Disney Murder Mystery

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“Welcome one and all, to Cinderella’s castle, for the biggest party of the year Twenty PHE (post Happily Ever-after- Cinderella standard calculation). Since occurrences which you may have seen in the official royal backstory films, created by the famous director Disney to educate young kingdom children on their heritage, everyone got married and started ruling their respective kingdoms. Peace has flourished, and even the villains have found a way to fit in.

The discovery of the portals and sea routes between different Disneyverse kingdoms has opened up trade and communication between the kingdoms, and Cinderella has regularly been hosting a traditional blue moon gala- as a way to strengthen bonds between the kingdoms. A blue moon is considered a special magical time, and a time of reflection. Guests are invited to put a wish, goal or resolution into the wishing well, and it is thought that the concentration of magical beings on this special night gives a little extra support as the participants then go back into their lives trying to fulfil what they wrote down.”


Disney Decor


Created by Tegan, this was easily the most enjoyable and interactive murder mystery I have attended. Apart from the usual scripted clues, the dinner featured some “Make-a-wish” cards, and an extra skit. No need for CDs or tape players – all you needed was in the booklet. Following the final clues, our group of Disney-themed adventurers contemplated answers for two final questions to the mystery. A fantastic story, and well-played by all!



Finally, let’s meet our dinner guests (minus Aurora since she was sleeping for the shoot)!


Snow White and BashfulThe HatterRapunzelPocahontasJasmine and AladdinHookCinderella

Thank you Tegan, for your creativity and stories! If anyone would like to play and unravel the mystery themselves, let us know. No spoilers here, but you are welcome to host your own version of Tegan’s Disney Murder Mystery!



| Baby Photoshoot | Jeremiah @ 4 Weeks |

Welcome to the world Jeremiah! May God bless you and guide you always πŸ™‚
Thank you mum and dad for letting me photograph him (and for your behind-the-scenes assistance)!



. Β . Β .



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IMG_2760 - Black and White




Silhouettes of Melbourne

| Photography | Travel | Black and White |



––––––––– Van Gogh Exhibition: National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)


Myer Music Bowl

––––––––– The Sydney Myer Music Bowl



––––––––– Waterwall, National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)



––––––––– King’s Domain Parklands



––––––––– Shadow Monsters, Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)



––––––––– State Library of Victoria



––––––––– Chadstone Shopping Centre

Wedding Whites

| Original Fashion Pieces | Wedding Dresses | Formal WearΒ | Recyclables | Devotional |

Curtain, earring (singular), tablecloth, carpet.
Essentials for a wedding dress?

A touch of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (and a bit of sewing) will see them all transformed.
Special thanks to Tegan and Ebony for modelling two of these dresses;
To Mrs Barlow for the lilies; and to Dad who lent me his Canon EOS 600D camera!


~ Β  T E G A N Β  w e a r sΒ  Β H O M E Β  C U R T A I N Β  ~


When my husband and I first bought our house, we inherited a bunch of spare lace curtains. Here they are, repurposed as a below-knee lace dress. The flower crown is from Quorn; a souvenir from my 6th year surgical electiveΒ in Port Augusta. Quorn was a daytrip with some friends, and I found the crown while lunching at Emily’s Bistro.


~ E B O N Y Β  w e a r sΒ  Β E N G A G E M E N T Β  C A R P E T ~


Oh, and by the way these photos were all taken in Ebony’s new home! Her partner’s old couch also features (though it may soon be replaced). The “carpet” is actually the material my now-husband purchased for a walk to candle-lit table spelling “Will you marry me?” I said yes, and now the “carpet” is a wedding dress. AΒ left-behind earring adds a touch of sparkle to the neckline of this dress (I lost one of the pair at work) and my mother’s old sash gives an added touch of elegance to the outfit. The flower hairpiece is from my wedding. Ebony was a bridesmaid, and we all had one of these silk flowers in our hair; created by Blush Blooms and Events.


~ K R I S T E N Β  w e a r s Β  O P – S H O P Β  C U R T A I N ~


The Anglican church next to my workplace has an op-shop (Opportunity Shop, Church of the Resurrection) which I visited early in my first year of General Practice. The idea of this dress, created from op-shop curtain, is that the top can be re-used post wedding day. It is a two piece outfit with sash attached to the skirt portion. The top can then be worn separately and features an overhang lace section.


~ B E H I N D Β  t h e Β  S C E N E S ~

Just a couple of candid snapshots to finish. Ebony’s home lamps came in useful, those dumplings were delicious, and here you can see the engagement carpet and curtain before they became dresses. Hope you enjoyed the photos and designs! #bylilyvalleysk


T H E Β  Β W e d d i n g Β  Β D a y Β :
The Bible speaks about another wedding day to come; the wedding of the Lamb to His Bride, the Church.

[Revelation 19:7-8] says, “Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His wife has made herself ready. And to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen, clean and bright, for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.”

We can be part of this wedding day through the blood of Christ at the cross. His blood covers us, washes us and makes us holy to stand in the presence of the Father. What can we do to make ourselves ready for this wedding day? We can work out our salvation by pressing into Jesus, loving Him more and submitting to God, who always works in us to do what is pleasing to Him [Philippians 2:12-13]. Our salvation is by grace, because we are loved by God and created to be with Him in eternity.

Will you love Him, and let Him direct your life?

Three Years – Leather

Each year for our wedding anniversary, we try to incorporate the traditional anniversary gifts into a creative photoshoot. In our first year of marriage, we had a paper dress and vest. In our second year, we ventured to the magic cave for some cotton candy and matched it with a cotton ball bowtie and dress.

This year, for our third year anniversary, we sourced some scrap leather from Sydney’s Paddy Markets and created a leather bowtie and hairbow.

Travelling to the Adelaide Hills for a couple of nights, we stayed at the picturesque Apple Tree Cottage.



Though we only stayed in the backyard for this particular shoot, you can catch a glimpse of cottage’s vast grounds. Beyond the rustic wooden fence lies a herd of wandering cows, a rowboat patiently parked by the edge of a peaceful lake, and a number of paths through hills, fruit groves, and other beautiful sights.



We choose to wear a few special items. For Jerry, his wedding suspenders and for Kristen, her mother’s old dress.


It was awesome to breathe in the atmosphere of nature here and to feel the land beneath our bare feet. We saw the marks of the Creator’s majesty and of His eternity – His creation is more incredible than anything we could make.


So, here’s to three years with each other and to Jesus – our foundation, our root, our Christ and Creator.

A reflection on freedom in marriage, and freedom in Christ:Β