Mummy Daddy and Me (Matching Dresses and Tie)

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This year, we celebrate our 7th year wedding anniversary. We have a family tradition of doing an anniversary photoshoot featuring traditional anniversary gift themes, and this year’s theme was wool. We were unable to involve sheep or llamas for the shoot as we had originally imagined, but we made do with a few special, though perhaps less obvious (crochet) wool features. All the crochet woollen goodies in the shoot were gifts – a blanket, some toys, and a number of baby booties in the background 🙂

We also tried out our matching “mummy, daddy and me” dresses and tie for the first time. Mummy and daddy’s dress and tie were originally sewn in 2013 (here are some images from back then)!

We had enough left over of that same material to make our sweetpea her own matching dress. Maybe we’ll still see the sheep and llamas, but another day! 🙂


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