Baby Crafts | Floral Headbands & Ladybug Tikki Costume

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Baby Floral Headbands


Baby’s head is growing and her headbands are getting tight! So mummy has made a few new ones for her (featuring mummy’s wedding flower and a cloth flower mummy got from her last trip to Japan a few years ago)

Flower headbands BW

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Tikki Costume (Ladybug & Chat Noir)


Birthday parties have been cancelled, but we decided to keep our superhero date! Here is bubba, transformed into Tikki from the animated series Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Tikki is a kwami that gives ladybug her powers and well, bubba does give us some superpowers ❤


With lockdowns and social distancing, life’s normal is very different for people at the moment. During this time, remember that we all still have the ability to believe, have faith and hold on to hope. Let’s keep the world in prayer during these unprecedented times.


If I Were a Reindeer (Matching Family Flower Crowns)

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bubba 1

Baby’s first Christmas!

Christmas outfits are being modelled by littlies all around, and we also have a few of our own to wear. Since our little sweetpea actually went down in her cot one night, we indulged in a bit of Christmas craft…

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Voilà! Some matching family floral reindeer crowns
(and a fun family Christmas shoot to show them off!)

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family 3

family 2

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Thank you to Ah Ma (grandma) for behind the scenes assistance,
and for capturing some candid moments! 🙂

Photo 14-12-19, 2 20 12 pm.jpg



Bubba the Owl

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Photo 26-10-19, 5 21 07 pm

Haven’t had as much time to play with the sewing machine lately, but here is an owl costume we put together for a friend’s party! A quick sew with material scraps 🙂 It was Harry Potter themed so this is “Hedwig”, with her supporting cast of Hogwarts daddy, and Beauxbatons mummy.


Black and White Baby Picture Cards

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From the moment they are born, babies are learning. Their little brains are busy developing millions of neural connections, and they soak in all the sights, sounds and sensations around them.

As a newborn, colours are not easily distinguishable and they see more in contrast (light, dark and shadows). Black and white visual stimulation cards or books are recommended for the first few months of baby’s life, so we thought we would prepare some of our own 🙂

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Black and White Fruits

Photo 19-7-19, 7 06 26 pm

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Black and White Shapes

Photo 19-7-19, 7 13 48 pm

Happy learning baby!

Nursing – Bassinet – Pillow Covers

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Baby Headband

Less than two weeks until baby arrives so we’ve done a final last bit of sewing in preparation! (Above: Baby Headband from spare material)

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Pram Bassinet Covers

With some extra padding

Bassinet Covers

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Breastfeeding Pillow Cover

Slip it on, slip it off

Breastfeeding Pillow

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Nursing Cover

With flexible neckline so baby can still be seen 🙂

Breastfeeding Cover

Stirling Blue (DIY Kimono Jacket x 2 styles)

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I have just started working at a clinic in Stirling and it is beautiful – a freshness in the air, koalas crossing the road and flowers still-bloomed while the ones in the suburbs have wilted. After work last week, I discovered a local store selling crafts and cloth so here are my first Stirling souvenirs (one is for my sister!) – super easy kimono jacket and shawl.

Instructions are below each set of pictures.


| Style 1: Kimono Jacket |




| Style 2: Kimono Shawl |


Kimono Shawl Tute.jpg

DIY Flower Crown

Finally cultivated enough flowers in our garden to create a super easy flower crown.


  • Cut a couple of flowering vines and twist them together to fit (choose the greener stems as they are more malleable and less likely to snap)
  • You can use some twist ties hidden amongst the leaves to help join them together if you need.
  • Cut off or tuck in stray leaves/flowers, and you are done! No extra wires or glue for this one 🙂




Note 1:
To make a thicker crown, you may need the wire base. You can then use a glue gun to add and arrange extra flowers and leaves as desired.

Note 2:
Using fresh flowers means your flower crown is likely to dry out over the next couple of days. Consider artificial, or silk flowers if you are wanting to make a re-usable crown!

DIY Long Fabric Doorstopper

IMG_9177Winter is still blustering, and it has been too cold to photograph some of the dresses I’ve made recently. Instead, let me introduce you to “Squirrel” (who is actually an owl doorstop), and his helper. Both are made from left-over fabric scraps.

Recently, I noticed my husband had placed a rolled up bath mat at the bottom of the door. When I asked what it was for, he explained he was trying to keep the warm air in. Good idea! I wanted to use the bath mat, however, so… voila!

Now, while Squirrel keeps our bedroom door right where we want it, his helper prevents it from escaping through that gap beneath the door. The room is warm, and I’ve made good use out of more scrap materials!


DIY! – Long Fabric Doorstopper


Super easy, and you can tailor the sizing to suit your needs.


1. Cut out a rectangular piece of material with measurements:

  • Length – however long you want it + 2cm extra for seam allowance
  • Width – double the final width you want + 1cm extra for seam allowance


2. Fold lengthwise and sew along the long side with right sides together. Zigzag along the same path to finish.


3. Turn your doorstopper inside out

4. Fold over and press down to seal one end – sew to close this edge. (I actually folded the end over twice to enclose the cut edge in the stitch)


5. Stuff with fabric scraps.


6. Fold over remaining end and sew to close it.

7. Even out the stuffing and your doorstopper is ready for use!


If you can’t be bothered making your own, we will be making a bunch for purchase soon, so let me know if you are interested 🙂

DIY: Narrow Wall Shelves and Recycled Notepad

Staring at a blank wall while trying to study is no fun, your favourite lever arch folder is broken, and you have a couple of spare wood pieces lying about. Why not take a study break and redecorate the room! This office set up makes use of those spare and broken pieces to brighten up a little study area.


You will need:


Removable wall adhesives

  • Narrow wood blocks (ours just happened to be lying around)
  • Lever-arch folder
  • Removable wall adhesives
  • Shelf support/bracket
  • Blu-tac
  • (This design can be removed without damage to the wall. If you are wanting something permanent, go ahead and put in some nails!)


Now, it is as simple as this:

  • Stick your narrow wood shelves in position on the wall using the removable wall adhesive
  • Add support by using blu-tac to stick the shelf bracket to the wood and the wall
  • Cut the back and front off your lever-arch folder (ours was already broken)
    • Turn so the lever arch is on the top
    • Hole punch some blank sheets of paper and attach
    • Use removable wall adhesive to stick your new notepad on the wall
    • The other side of our broken folder had a plastic pouch – we just placed a drawing in it and used it for decoration
  • Decorate your shelves!
    • Note: As these were only narrow shelves with no permanent mounting, we kept our shelf objects lightweight and scant.  With more permanent mounting, you could place heavier objects, and more of them!