The Lawyer – Morning Meets Work

THE LAWYER – Morning Meets Work   (Digital, 2016)

2016 The Lawyer - Morning Meets Work

The lawyer wakes each morning,
To illuminated light.
Over city, house and heart it warms,
Anticipates day’s sight.

She has a little breakfast,
Picks up her purse and keys,
Then lifting up her face to Christ,
She falls upon her knees.

The lawyer knows the Lord is light,
She knows that He transforms,
Determined, she will shine her light,
In the surges and in the storms.

The lawyer knows the God who saves,
And in Him, has no fear.
Because the lawyer knows His face,
And even now draws near.

The workplace and the city,
Await the daylight force.
But some will stand apart that day,
Powered by a different source.

The lawyer, she is one of them,
For justice she will fight.
For the lawyer wakes each morning’s work,
In Christ, the Saviour’s light.


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