Psalm 141:1 (Call to the Lord)

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My Lord is never far away;
He answers when I call.
He draws me into His embrace,
And helps me understand His grace.

My Lord, my God is quick to come;
He hears my voice, makes me rejoice,
And as I worship, heaven’s doors
Are opened: gates of flooded more.

More love and kindness, peace and truth
Abound within my thirsty heart.
They satisfy, and testify
As only God can do.

So as I call, so God responds,
A voice much clearer than my own.
He speaks to you, and speaks to me,
To transform hearts of stone.


Never Enough (Lostnowfoundk):


Psalm 42:1-2 (As the Deer)

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2018 Abba

“As the deer pants for the water brooks,
So pants my soul for You, O God.
My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.
When shall I come and appear before God?”

[ Psalm 42:1-2 ]

Psalm 104:33

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Psalm 104-33.jpg

Jesus, I will love you all my life.
I will declare your praises every day,
And sing songs of thanksgiving to You;
Songs of Your beauty and majesty throughout the years.

Let me never lose my wonder,
But awaken my heart with Your revelation day after day,
So that in youth and in ageing, I will give You glory.
Have my life, my love, and my worship.


Psalm 5:11

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Psalm 5-11.jpg

Lord, we rejoice because You are fully trustworthy and faithful.
We shout Your praises joyfully because You are our defender.
We love Your Name, and it gives us gladness in our heart.

You, O Lord, are our Joy, you are our Assurance,
You are our Victory, You are our Shield.

Thank you for shining Your light in our lives every day.
Let us abide in You always. We love You.


Psalm 65:5

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God, you are my hope
You are the hope of all the earth
There is no place where Your hope cannot be found

When we call, You answer
You do mighty works according to Your righteousness
You are for us, and Your work is always good

Thank you for the eternal hope You have given us in Christ
Thank you for Your faithfulness
Let Your righteousness and Your hope be seen in every nation