On the Streets of Sydney

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Just got back from a pretty awesome Sydney trip. Lots of exploring, lots of art, lots of learning (it is harder to do those things all in one go in the midst of hometown busyness :P). This trip, I tried my hand at watercolouring, raffia weaving, seeing the process of hat-making (with the team at Helen Kaminski), having a go at some hip-hop dance moves, and even doing the first few sessions of a Blender 3D animation course. Loved it, and loved hearing about the life and experiences of those I met along the way! Enjoy scrolling through photos (Walking the Streets, Chinese Friendship Garden, Hip Hip, Feed-Me sections) Thanks for the fun adventure!

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Walking the Streets

Sydney has some amazing architecture. Here are a few shots from all around the city – Broadway – Darling Harbour – Camperdown (the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House are also great places to visit, but didn’t get to them this trip). Did I mention it was the 120th birthday of the Queen Victoria Building this year? That was a jazzy, artsy blast!

Photo 21-07-2018 10 19 36 AM

Photo 21-07-2018 10 02 13 AM

Photo 21-07-2018 4 21 24 PM

Photo 21-07-2018 4 16 40 PM

Photo 21-07-2018 4 05 13 PM

Photo 21-07-2018 3 56 56 PM

Photo 21-07-2018 1 57 35 PM

Photo 21-07-2018 1 56 17 PM

Photo 19-07-2018 3 52 28 PM

Photo 19-07-2018 3 56 11 PM.jpg

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Chinese Garden of Friendship

For a small fee of $6, you can wander around this life-filled garden. See the white ibis nests, koi, waterfalls, our friendly water dragon and more. Traditional Chinese dress-ups are available for an extra cost and while I did not do this, I did notice lots of families wandering around in colourful garb. I could easily stay here for an afternoon!



IMG_2775 (2)


Photo 21-07-2018 1 47 45 PM

Photo 21-07-2018 1 17 43 PM.jpg

Photo 21-07-2018 1 30 52 PM

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Bought these shoes (rather spontaneously) from Raben footwear, just across the road from Crossover Dance Studio on Goulburn St. I attended the 1hr Beginners Hip-Hop class for $21 and it was excellent – felt well supported and learnt alot (wish I could have gone to more classes – there was a wide selection including jazz, urban, girl style, popping and K-pop)!

Photo 21-07-2018 11 31 48 AM

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Can’t complain about the variety of food available – it was deliciously intriguing.

Top: Veal and Chicken Polish Dumplings (Pierogi)
from Weiczorkowski – Queen St Woollahri 

Bottom Left: A pear? But not …
from Koi Dessert Bar, Chippendale

Bottom Centre: A Lemon Myrtle creation
from Textbook Boulangerie Patisserie – Botany Rd, Alexandria

Bottom Right: Pork Teishoku Set
from Miso Japanese Restaurant, World Square


God with us (a testimony from Sydney):

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