He Knows Me (Illustrated Word)

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Three people who encountered the revelation of Jesus Christ; but He knew them first.

Read more: https://lostnowfoundk.com/2018/01/21/he-knows-me/



2018 Nathanael at the Fig Tree

God knows us better than anyone else. He has seen our heart, seen our past, and He sees the good things He has planned for our future. No-one else can know these things but our Lord God, who is King over all.



2018 Peter the Rock

We are given a new name by the Messiah; sons and daughters of God, washed clean and holy to stand before Him by the blood of the Christ. We are commissioned to share the good news, and equipped with the knowledge that we belong to Jesus and He has sent us.



2018 Woman at the Well

The Christ has explained all things. He knows even the hidden things in our lives and He urges us to take of His living water, to worship in spirit and in truth. His love penetrates through societal assumptions to embrace us.


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