DIY Long Fabric Doorstopper

IMG_9177Winter is still blustering, and it has been too cold to photograph some of the dresses I’ve made recently. Instead, let me introduce you to “Squirrel” (who is actually an owl doorstop), and his helper. Both are made from left-over fabric scraps.

Recently, I noticed my husband had placed a rolled up bath mat at the bottom of the door. When I asked what it was for, he explained he was trying to keep the warm air in. Good idea! I wanted to use the bath mat, however, so… voila!

Now, while Squirrel keeps our bedroom door right where we want it, his helper prevents it from escaping through that gap beneath the door. The room is warm, and I’ve made good use out of more scrap materials!


DIY! – Long Fabric Doorstopper


Super easy, and you can tailor the sizing to suit your needs.


1. Cut out a rectangular piece of material with measurements:

  • Length – however long you want it + 2cm extra for seam allowance
  • Width – double the final width you want + 1cm extra for seam allowance


2. Fold lengthwise and sew along the long side with right sides together. Zigzag along the same path to finish.


3. Turn your doorstopper inside out

4. Fold over and press down to seal one end – sew to close this edge. (I actually folded the end over twice to enclose the cut edge in the stitch)


5. Stuff with fabric scraps.


6. Fold over remaining end and sew to close it.

7. Even out the stuffing and your doorstopper is ready for use!


If you can’t be bothered making your own, we will be making a bunch for purchase soon, so let me know if you are interested 🙂


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