DIY: Narrow Wall Shelves and Recycled Notepad

Staring at a blank wall while trying to study is no fun, your favourite lever arch folder is broken, and you have a couple of spare wood pieces lying about. Why not take a study break and redecorate the room! This office set up makes use of those spare and broken pieces to brighten up a little study area.


You will need:


Removable wall adhesives

  • Narrow wood blocks (ours just happened to be lying around)
  • Lever-arch folder
  • Removable wall adhesives
  • Shelf support/bracket
  • Blu-tac
  • (This design can be removed without damage to the wall. If you are wanting something permanent, go ahead and put in some nails!)


Now, it is as simple as this:

  • Stick your narrow wood shelves in position on the wall using the removable wall adhesive
  • Add support by using blu-tac to stick the shelf bracket to the wood and the wall
  • Cut the back and front off your lever-arch folder (ours was already broken)
    • Turn so the lever arch is on the top
    • Hole punch some blank sheets of paper and attach
    • Use removable wall adhesive to stick your new notepad on the wall
    • The other side of our broken folder had a plastic pouch – we just placed a drawing in it and used it for decoration
  • Decorate your shelves!
    • Note: As these were only narrow shelves with no permanent mounting, we kept our shelf objects lightweight and scant.  With more permanent mounting, you could place heavier objects, and more of them!




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